Simply about NOROOZ

When the Sun reaches the vernal equinox on the meridian, the 20th or 21st of March, days and nights are approximately equal. This very same day has long been called Norooz (“no” means new and “rooz” means day). Since thousands of years ago, Persian people knew this and regarded it as the first day of the New Year in Persian solar calendar.

The first mythical king, Jamshid, is said to have celebrated this occasion as the beginning of his establishing justice and defeating demons.

To celebrate Norooz, there are some preparatory traditions observed by Persians like: last Wednesday feast (firecrackers, etc), deceased day and the last Thursday (Honoring the Deceased in the cemeteries, etc), khaneh tekany (house cleaning, etc), cereal planting, haftseen (special combination of symbolic stuff at everyone’s home), new clothes, Norooz dishes, visiting each other, the first Norooz, Norooz presents, Norooz post cards, Sizdah-Beh-Dar (national day for picnicking) and so forth.

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