Visitors’ Questionnaire

Whenever a person or a group of people are trying to communicate with others, during different issues, there would be some questions.

Since TEC is an educational tool to improve the staff language skills, the following questions will be come to ask this blog visitors:

1: How did you find us?

2: Are you happy to find us?

3: Are there some documents and information in this blog useful for you?

4: When you are visiting a blog or site, is it important for you to leave a comment in order to show your visit feedback?

5: Do you add this blog’s address in your favorite sites?

6: What do you think about being an honorary member in this blog?

7: Are there any questions about this blog in your mind have not been answered?

8: What is your educational activity?

9: Do you use blogging in educational activity?

10: What’s your opinion about this blog to help increasing the quality and services?

We hope the Edublogs Challenge improve all of the educational providers’ blogging skills.


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