Ideas worth spreading and images will help us

There are many ways to show and share our thoughts and ideas about everything.

But when we use internet, there would be Words, Photos and Videos as the important tools to help us in this way.


Actually a photo can act instead of thousands of words sometimes. But that’s important to know How, Where and When use the photos.

Fortunately, every blog host has the needed tools to add a photo to blogs and we can search our related photos in photo sharing hosts (i.e,,

The main point is that the photos will help us to share our ideas and thoughts better and with more power to show our inner feelings.

You could find more about the subject in Edublogs Challenge – Week 5

Photo Source: one of TEC Admin (Astaneh) works 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ideas worth spreading and images will help us

  1. Mr. Astaneh! good job … I remember about my first session of photography class in last TSE Exhibition in Olympic Hotel about Golden point 😉 I always use it.

  2. Thanks a lot Ms. Mehr,
    Actually the golden point subject, covers a wide field in art of photography.
    Leonardo da Vinci investigated the principle that underlies our notions of beauty and harmony and called it the Golden Section. Long before Leonardo, however, Babylonian, Egyptian, and ancient Greek masters also applied the Golden Section proportion in architecture and art.
    Thanks again for your interest. 🙂

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