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Good news for Edublogs’ Student Challenge participants!

The challenge main admin, Miss Wyatt, has informed the Mentors to take part the challenge program in ninth week to have a game.

I invite you to pay attention to this post and then kindly answer the questions.


  1. mentor and mentee
  2. Answer these 3 questions
  3. The most interesting posts I have read in my group
  4. Sources


**mentor and mentee**

No man is an island, and every entrepreneur needs a support network. While its important to have a network of peers, friends and family, its equally important to have a mentor to act as a sounding board, hold you accountable and be the voice of reason.

**A Mentor is A Wise and Trusted Counselor or Teacher**

Choosing the right mentor is about finding a proper fit. First you should seek someone whose past experiences align with your future ambitions. Look for someone who has gone down a similar path to the one you are seeking and is willing to openly share the experiences of their journey.

Its also important to feel comfortable with your mentor, after all the relationship has to be open and honest in order to be effective. When establishing a mentoring relationship always be upfront about your expectations and ambitions. Let your mentor know where you are trying to go with your career and what is driving your ambitions.

**Mentor attributes**

Your mentor should not be someone you report to, that will complicate the relationship and only serve to limit the scope of what you can honestly discuss. The best and most effective mentor/mentee relationship is one that is mutually beneficial. Seek out a mentor who not only has the requisite knowledge and experience for helping you succeed, but one who also has an interest in being a part of your success. Often the mentor is merely looking to pass along their knowledge and experience in return for that feeling of satisfaction in helping a young protege succeed. Be sure to understand how you can best meet that need.

**Being a Good Mentee**

As a mentee, it is up to you to drive the relationship. Your mentor is not your manager. The burden should always be on you to take the initiative in arranging meetings, setting goals and asking the right questions. Try to keep your interactions conversational and not too structured. You want the relationship to be somewhat casual, so as to allow for a free flow of thoughts and ideas. Be sure to listen to their ideas and be willing to try out some of what they recommend.

We are all victims of living in our own heads and it often takes an outsider to give us that well-needed dose of reality. A good mentor can be tremendous advantage in enhancing your career opportunities if you are willing to build and foster the relationship in a way that is mutually beneficial and aligned with your career goals. Commit the time and go find yourself a good mentor!

If you are serious about your career consider finding a mentor. Think strategically about your career goal and choose a mentor who can best help you advance your career and then ASK!

**How to receive from a mentor**

I believe everyone should have a mentor, including mentors. I have 6 people in my life who are mentoring me in specific areas in which I hope to grow this year. I choose them in January of each year, based on them having strengths in those areas. Each one is a specialist.

When you seek to grow as a MENTEE there are 4 jobs to embrace:

1. Explore
Become an explorer. Get in adventure mode. Seek out leaders who model a trait you hope to possess one day. Find leaders who work in possible contexts you might work in one day as well. Come with your pad or laptop and lots of questions. Dig.

2. Experiment
Whatever they suggest, do it if you can. What do you have to lose? On your job, try out roles and tasks to see if your gifts are valuable in that space. Stop being afraid and take some risks. The best way to learn something new is to actually do it.

3. Examine
Once you have tried some new arenas and experiences, ask yourself: How did it feel? Natural? Exciting? Uncomfortable? Always stop and reflect after an experience. This makes the experience valuable and maybe even permanently helpful.

4. Expect
After a season of exploring and experimenting, anticipate others to confirm or deny your fit. Be listening to your mentors *follow up comments*. Stay open when he or she disagrees with you. They have been places you have not been. Wisdom comes from listening, not talking.

**Let me ask you something**

Please answer these questions in comment area

1- Do you have mentors in different fields in your life?

2- Have you chosen areas in which you want to grow, and identified someone who is further along than you who could help you grow?

3- Who are your main Mentors and what is their main role in your life?

**The most interesting posts I have read in my group**

I think most of the students in my group (16 to 20 years old) have published nice and great posts in this challenge but I will introduce you 5 sample posts published by students in my group that I enjoyed them specially.

I invite you to visit these posts and tell them your idea by leaving comment.

(To know more about the posts, just click on titles)

I liked this post because it shows Anfel has a spread look to the people who are living on our earth.

I liked it because there have been living so many great people during the history who knowing them will help us to grow and live more useful.

I liked this post because there were a lot of dear persons in our life who are not anymore. But Arwa showed us how we could be with them in present time.

I liked this post because I learned people could find more to how live better and more useful in every moment during their life.

I liked this post because Ligia gave me a brief information about traditions in her country.

I liked this post because leaving comments on blogs is one of the most important tools to increase our communication skill and also help the blogger to be informed about other people ideas.


With special thanks to info and photo sources:

get your bizs avvy &unlimited-success & growing leaders

i want second opinion & osaka bentures


21 thoughts on “Mentor and Mentee

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  2. 1- Do you have mentors in different fields in your life?
    I do have a mentor. My sister is gunna be a deaf mentor.
    2- Have you chosen areas in which you want to grow, and identified someone who is further along than you who could help you grow?
    I always have wanted to live in Alaska where my uncle goes.
    3- Who are your main Mentors and what is their main role in your life?
    My main mentors are my sister who works with deaf people and my aunt who mentors wt\ith a hospital.

    • I visited your blog and wish you the best in blogging challenge.
      Thanks for your attention

  3. Hello Astaneh , i really enjoyed reading this post and i am very glad i made it to your favourite blog posts in this challenge 🙂
    Before answering your questions , i would like to tell you that i am very happy that you were my mentor ! thank you for everything .

    First question :
    – i’ve always considered my teachers as mentors . so yes , basically , i have a lot of mentors including you 🙂
    Second question :
    – i like the area where i grew up and i don’t regret being there ! i love tunisia . my parents were always there for me helping me build a strong personnality .
    Third question :
    – you are my main mentor and your role is to guide me through my first participation in this challenge 🙂

    • Thanks arwa

      Actually your blog shows your eagerness to improve your skills in blogging and increase your knowledge.

      your posts are a part of your personal life that you are trying to share with others,

      I wish you the best in life and study.

  4. Dear TEC,
    I have many mentors in my life such as my basketball coaches, my mentor for school and my teachers. All of them teach me lessons I will use later in life. I wish to grow all of my weaknesses instead of just a few. As I said before I do not have one main mentor.


  5. Yes, I do have mentors in different fields in my life.Yes,one of those areas is my musical talents. I have identified two people to help me grow in that area. They are my mum and my choir teacher Mrs.Brennan.My main mentors is Andy Biersack, his role in my life to keep me positive and keep me from falling into my darker side again. My other main mentor is my mum. My mum helps me in so many different ways.

    • Thanks for your attention and kindly answers

      I wish you the best in life and study

  6. Yes , I do have mentors in different fields in my life . I have chosen two places where I would like to grow , but I only have a mentor for one of them at the moment . One of the places I would like to grow is in the medical field . This is where I don’t have a mentor , but I hope to find one soon . And the other place I would like to grow is in basketball . I do have a mentor for this and it’smy older brother . He has played for several years and many more years to come . And he is the one that taught me most of the things I know about the sport ..

    • Thanks for your attention and kindly answers

      I wish you the best in life and study

  7. I love Anfel’s pst. It made me even tear up a little. Poverty does exist all around this wolrld and that is why we must be greatful for what we have.

  8. your part about being a good mentor was a ral good exeplation. Its like helping a team mate thats can be great with a little help.

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